About me

I am an international certified coach with academic and university backgrounds

After finishing my PhD in 1994, I dedicated the following 10+ years to biomedical research. While I thoroughly enjoyed it, I did not feel complete. Something was missing. I needed more challenges. I yearned for more managerial responsibilities. I wanted to help people grow, to support them in having more clarity about their futures.

I was recently divorced and had three young sons, but I was still committed to grow and find an inspiring job. Despite all the apparent challenges, I ended up becoming the Quality Director and the Chair of Gender Equity Committee at a Biomedical Center in Barcelona and a member of the board of directors. I was the only woman in this board. Even when I might have not been ready for this position,I said YES. I know it isn’t that simple especially when everything around you, including yourself, is pushing you in opposing directions.

My passion is to close gender gap at the highest levels in a profit and nonprofit organizations. I truly believe that if the world had more female leaders, it would be a better place.

This is why I have decided to dedicate myself to guide, mentor and support women in their personal journeys of designing a more fulfilling life. This path could take longer on your own, and I know you don’t have time to waste. I want to partner with you and help you unleash your true potential. Are you saying YES!? Let’s chat! Schedule a free strategic session here!


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