Only el 10% of the top executive position are women. The labour force is half women half men.

When I was building my coaching program for executive women I asked 150 women with different level of responsibility what It is the principal reason for not going forward in their carer. The most common answer:  I have interests outside the work and I wish to have me time.

I received 50 answers and 1/3 of the women were than 30 years old. It is not only time for having a child. It is much more than this.

When I was attending the training program to be certified as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation I received an invaluable advice from my mentor coach: If you feel overwhelmed, focus of the  items you can control. This is the key for achieving and maintain a balance work life:

12 steps to achieve and maintain balance work-life 

Part 1:  to achieve balance work-life in

  1. Learn my Employer’s Policies.
  2. Communicate.
  3. Use Technology to my Advantage.
  4. Telecommute
  5. Learn to Say “No.
  6. Fight the Guilt.
  7. Protect my Private Time.

Part 2 : to  maintain work-life balance

  1. Be open about my
  2. Respect boundaries.
  3. Understand what really matters.
  4. Embrace the off button
  5. Pace myself.

From these 12 steps, how many are under your control?

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