If a woman performs the same function, achieves the same goals, and works the same hours, she is entitled to be compensated as much as a man performing the same job. Women often have to work longer at their job than men do to be promoted.

Women discrimination takes different forms: after giving birth, bullying, off colour jokes even sexual harassment. But the most common form of gender inequality is unequal pay or unfair promotions.

Negative effects of gender discrimination:

  • Decreased productivity i. An atmosphere or environment filled with tension often leads to lower productivity.
  • Conflict is a natural consequence when employees experience gender discrimination
  • High employee turnover, which in turn equates to higher than necessary hiring, training and operating costs for a business
  • It can negatively impact every aspect of a worker’s life, including their overall emotional and mental health.

Investing in gender diversity at the workplace is profitable for both companies and investors, and Morgan Stanley has the research and quantitative analysis to back it up. Why?

  • Improve team decision-making and improve innovation capabilities for development of new products or services
  • It can also create alignment with diverse customer bases and, thus, open up untapped business opportunities.”

Actions to overcoming gender discrimination

As an individual As a company

An important first step in overcoming gender discrimination and inequality is to recognize that it’s actually happening.


Start talking about it – especially if you’re the one getting discriminated against. No one should be treated unfairly



Provide proper training on gender equality to all management personnel and supervisors

Have clear policies for advancement and promotion – and then follow them

Your policies should ensure that men and women receive equal pay for equal work.


Publicize the efforts your company is making to promote gender equality




If you were in a coaching session, You will be asked


Which is the first step to overcome a gender discrimination?



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