On August, 15 2017 I sent a single question survey focus of the” pain Points for executive women”

From August15 to September 15 I 50 people answered my question, mainly from my LinkedIn network

The most common answer was:  what it is stopping me to work  is : I have interest outside of work .

After talking with some of the women who answer the question I found a common explanation “ If you do  work 24/7 you are out of the game.” Because I wish to control my live, I do not apply for a promotion

I present a summary of all the answers

Dates From August 15 to September 15  2017
Contacts LinkedIn network ( Mainly European Women)


Numbers pf people who answered the question 50
Question I am working on a training-coaching program at solving young women executive pain points.

Paint points are factors that inhibit executive women grow.

What among the followings stops you from growing or which has inhibited you grow in the past?.

You can choose more than one option.

Multichoice answers I am a person  with interests outside of work.

I am not learning and growing

I am not building strong relationships

I do not have the opportunity to work on the meaningful, cutting edge topics.

I am not heart

I want to have “me-time”

I feel upset with stereotype behaviors

I am not ever ready for a promotion

Age 33% people less 35 years old/ 66%  than 35 years old


The  main factor that inhibit or has inhibited the executive women   grow is related to have a balance work/life ( topic I am a persona with interest outside work with more 60% of the answer )and the second I feel upset with stereotype behaviour (almost 50% ).

But If we look at the answers of young executive women (less 35 )  more than 70 % of theirs answer they chose only ONE option. The first one. I have interest outside work.

This result is in concordance with some other publications

In the next posts, we are going to review all the topics and explain how we can cope with then in order to go up into the executive ladder without losing our personal life.

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